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Volume VWAP EMA Combined Strategy

Discover our EMA VWAP Volume Combined Strategy PineScript template, designed for traders seeking to use multiple indicators. Easily backtest on TradingView and live execute this template on AlgoTest.
Adjusting inputs like EMA Length, VWAP source, session time, target points, and stop loss points to suit your trading preferences.

Volume VWAP EMA Combined Indicator Pinescript

strategy("EMA, VWAP, Volume Strategy", overlay=true, process_orders_on_close=true)

// Inputs
emaLength =, title="EMA Length")
vwapSource = input.source(defval=hlc3, title='VWAP Source')
stopLossPoints = input.float(100, title="Stop Loss (points)")
targetPoints = input.float(200, title="Target (points)")
session = input.session("0950-1430", title='Only take entry during')
exit = input.session(defval='1515-1525', title='Exit Trade')

tradein = not na(time(timeframe.period, session))
exit_time = not na(time(timeframe.period, exit))

// Calculate indicators
ema = ta.ema(close, emaLength)
vwapValue = ta.vwap(vwapSource)

// Entry Conditions
longCondition = close > vwapValue and close > ema and volume > volume[1] and close > open and tradein
shortCondition = close < vwapValue and close < ema and volume > volume[1] and open > close and tradein

// Exit Conditions
longExitCondition = ta.crossunder(close, vwapValue) or ta.crossunder(close, ema) or close - strategy.position_avg_price >= targetPoints or close - strategy.position_avg_price <= -stopLossPoints or exit_time
shortExitCondition = ta.crossover(close, vwapValue) or ta.crossover(close, ema) or strategy.position_avg_price - close >= targetPoints or strategy.position_avg_price - close <= -stopLossPoints or exit_time

// Plotting
plot(vwapValue,, title="VWAP")
plot(ema,, title="EMA")

// Strategy
if longCondition
strategy.entry("Long", strategy.long)

if shortCondition
strategy.entry("Short", strategy.short)

if longExitCondition
strategy.close('Long', immediately=true)

if shortExitCondition
strategy.close("Short", immediately=true)

Understanding the Volume VWAP EMA Combined Strategy

History of the Indicator

The Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) and the Exponential Moving Average (EMA) are both pivotal indicators in trading. The VWAP EMA Crossover strategy, a synthesis of these two, leverages the volume-weighted price level of VWAP with the trend sensitivity of EMA. Historically, the VWAP has been used primarily for institutional benchmarking, while EMAs have been utilized by traders to detect trends early. The crossover strategy evolved as traders sought to combine these benefits, enhancing decision-making by highlighting potential entry and exit points.

A Brief About What It Is

The VWAP EMA Crossover involves plotting both VWAP and a specific period EMA on a single chart to identify when the EMA crosses the VWAP line. This crossover can indicate a potential change in market direction, driven by volume and price momentum. The strategy is often used to spot bullish signals when the EMA crosses above the VWAP and bearish signals when it crosses below, providing actionable insights based on both price action and volume.

How to Use the Indicator for Analysis

To effectively use the VWAP EMA Crossover Indicator:

  1. Set Up the Indicators: Choose a suitable EMA period (commonly 9, 21, or 50 periods) and apply the VWAP to your chart.
  2. Identify Crossovers: Look for points where the EMA crosses above (bullish) or below (bearish) the VWAP line. These are potential signals for entry or exit.
  3. Confirm with Volume: Ensure that volume supports the crossover signal, as higher volume can confirm the reliability of the move.
  4. Risk Management: Set stop losses near recent lows for bullish entries or highs for bearish entries to manage risk effectively.

Best Use Cases

  • Day Trading: The VWAP EMA Crossover is especially useful in day trading where making quick, informed decisions is crucial. It works best in liquid markets where volume data is robust.
  • Scalping: Traders can use shorter EMA periods for scalping on very short time frames to capitalize on small price movements.
  • Options Trading: Option traders can use signals from the crossover to time their trades, especially for writing options when expecting short-term reversals.


Which is the best EMA crossover strategy?

The best strategy depends on the trader's style and market conditions; however, the 9/21 EMA crossover is popular for its effectiveness in identifying short-term trends.

Which is better, VWAP or EMA?

Neither is strictly better; the choice depends on what aspect of the market you're focusing on. VWAP is excellent for understanding price in relation to volume, while EMA can help spot trend directions more quickly.

What is the best indicator to combine with VWAP?

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) or Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD) can complement VWAP well by confirming momentum or divergence, enhancing trading signals.

What is the 9/21 EMA crossover strategy?

This involves using two EMAs --- a fast (9-period) and a slow (21-period). A buy signal is generated when the 9-period EMA crosses above the 21-period EMA, and a sell signal when it crosses below.

For more detailed strategies and settings, visit AlgoTest's Strategy Builder and Signals for practical applications of the Supertrend indicator in real market scenarios.