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What are the Execution Settings in AlgoTest?

Execution Settings give AlgoTest users more control by allowing them to customise their order executions as per their wishes. Think of it as more power in your hands! 

You need to set these settings for each strategy before deploying it for live trading. It is a one-time process and you don't need to do it daily.

How to do Execution Settings in AlgoTest?

Please follow the below steps to do Execution Settings in AlgoTest.

  • Go to the Live Trade page in your AlgoTest account

  • Scroll down and it will show you the setup execution/edit execution button for each strategy. Click on Edit Execution/Setup Execution Settings as shown in the image below.

  • It will show you a list of features available to customize your order execution as shown below. You can simply click on Setup Execution Settings to save them.

List of execution setting features

:Quantity Multiplier
:Trade Monitoring
:Strategy Execution Time
:Target(Tgt)/Stoploss(SL) Ref Price
:Delay Entry By
:Entry and Exit Order Type
:Trading Days Feature