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Open XTS

AlgoTest Introduces Open XTS: Trade Like a Pro!

Symphony XTS is an independent API offered by many stock brokers in India. AlgoTest Open XTS feature lets you connect to any broker supporting Symphony XTS API.

What is Open XTS?

AlgoTest launched Open XTS, an innovative feature that enables you to connect any of your brokers that support Symphony XTS to AlgoTest.

Who is it for?

Open XTS is ideal for anyone interested in Algo Trading and has a broker supporting Symphony XTS. With this feature, you can easily connect your broker with AlgoTest in just one click.

Benefits of using Open XTS in the AlgoTest platform:

  • Connect any broker: Connect any broker that supports Symphony XTS with AlgoTest and start the journey of Algo Trading.

XTS broker not on AlgoTest's list? Don't worry.
You can still connect your broker that supports XTS.

  • Automation: Connect your XTS API-supported broker with AlgoTest to automate your strategy.\

  • Stable: XTS is considered a stable and safe API for trading, as many large broking firms utilize it.

How to use it:

Using Open XTS might sound complicated, but it's quite simple! Here's a basic idea:

  • Check if your broker supports Open XTS: Not all brokers currently support this feature. Please inquire with your broker to see if they offer Symphony XTS API.

  • Get your API keys: Think of these keys as passwords that allow AlgoTest to connect to your broker's system. You'll need to get these from your broker. You need to connect with your broker to provide API Keys to get these.

You need the following 5 keys as shown below so that you can request these keys from the broker:

  • Interactive API Key,
  • Interactive API Secret,
  • Market Data API Key,
  • Market Data API Secret,
  • Connection URL,
  • Host Lookup URL (Optional).

Connect AlgoTest with Open XTS

This might involve a few clicks in your AlgoTest settings. Don't worry, AlgoTest will guide you through the process!

Remember to click on the profile button, and then click on the "Broker Setup" page button on AlgoTest.

Click on Symphony Tech and click on the setup button as shown in the image below.

Remember to enter the necessary API keys provided by your broker and then click on "Add Symphony (Open XTS)" as shown in the image below. Please note that the Host Lookup URL is optional. You only need to fill it out if your broker provides that information.

Your broker setup is complete. This was a one-time process. You can now click the login button to access your broker. It is important to note that you can log in to your broker between 08:30 AM to 03:29 PM

It will show you the logged-in status. It means your broker is logged in, to AlgoTest.

Supported Brokers

Here's a few (but not all) of the supported XTS brokers.

Broker NameSupports Open XTS
AC AgarwalYes
Achintya Securities Pvt. LtdYes
Aditya Trading SolutionsYes
Adroit FinancialYes
Ajay Natwarlal SecurityYes
Anand RathiYes
Arham Share Pvt. Ltd.Yes
Arham Wealth Management Pvt Ltd.Yes
Asiatic Stock & Securities LTDYes
BP WealthYes
CNB Finwiz Pvt LtdYes
Composite EdgeYes
Crown Consultants Pvt LtdYes
DB InternationalYes
GRD SecuritiesYes
Growth SecuritiesYes
Gyandeep Stocks Pvt LtdYes
Jainam (XTS Dealer + Retail)Yes
Jaypee Capital Services LTPYes
JM FinancialsYes
Kredent TradingYes
M Prasad & Co. Ltd.Yes
Marck SecuritiesYes
Matrix Equitrade Pvt. Ltd.Yes
Nirmal BangYes
NX Block TradesYes
Pace Stock BrokingYes
PRB SecuritiesYes
RMoney Raghunath MoneyYes
Shri Parasram Holding Pvt. Ltd.Yes
SW Capital Pvt Ltd.Yes
SYKES & RAY Equities Ltd.Yes
Transglobal TradeYes
Ventura Securities LtdYes
Wisdom CapitalYes
Yashvi SecuritiesYes


Open XTS streamlines integrating any Symphony XTS-supported broker into the AlgoTest platform, providing a robust tool for traders and developers to ease starting their algo trading journey.

Remember: Open XTS allows you to connect to real markets, so always trade responsibly and cautiously. Make sure you understand the risks involved before using it with real money.