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Daily Trades Analysis

Introducing the Daily Trades Analysis on AlgoTest, an intuitive algo-trading platform.

With the Daily Trades Analysis, you can upload your trade files and generate a detailed Mark-to-Market (MTM) graph, along with a comprehensive breakdown of your trades and the brokerage fees.

Read more about the use cases of this feature on our blog.

Brokers supported by Daily Trades Analysis

Currently, this feature is compatible with brokers who provide timely trade files. For now, traders using Zerodha, Finvasia, IIFL, or Kotak as their broker, can upload their trade books for a comprehensive breakdown of their trades.

  • Zerodha
  • Finvasia
  • IIFL
  • Kotak Neo

How to Use the Daily Trades Analysis

There are two simple steps involved in using the Trade MTM Analysis:

  1. Download the Tradebook from your broker's website.

  2. Upload the Tradebook to the Daily Trades Analysis.

Steps to Download the Tradebook from Your Broker:

Tradebook in Zerodha

  1. Login to your Zerodha-Kite account by following this link - Kite by Zerodha.

  2. Once you are on the dashboard, click on the 'Orders' button in the navbar, as highlighted. This will take you to the Orders page.

  1. Once you are on the Orders page, click on the 'Trades' drop-down, as highlighted.

  1. Once the drop-down opens, you will see a few options on the right. Click on the 'download' button, as highlighted. This will download a .csv file containing the trades.

Tradebook in Finvasia

  1. Login to your Shoonya by Finvasia account, by clicking on this link - Shoonya by Finvasia.

  2. Once you are on the dashboard, click on the 'Orders' button in the navbar, as highlighted below.

  1. Once the 'Orders' tab is opened, click on the 'Tradebook' button, as highlighted below. This will open up your trade book.

  1. Once the Tradebook is opened, click on this download button in the right-hand corner, to download your tradebook. 

Tradebook in IIFL

  1. Login to your IIFL account by clicking on this link - IIFL.

  2. Once you are on the dashboard, click on the 'Trade book' button at the bottom.

Once the Tradebook tab is opened, click on the hamburger on the right, as shown below 

  1. Once the Hamburger opens, choose the 1st option - "export all data as csv". This will download a .csv file containing the trades.

Tradebook in Kotak

  1. Login to your Kotak Neo account by clicking on this link - Kotak Neo.

  2. Once you are on the home page, click on 'Orders'.

  1. Under the Orders tab, go to the 'Closed' section

  1. Now click on the kebab in the right corner.

  1. Now in the drop-down list, choose the first option, "Download as Excel."  This will download a .csv file containing the trades.

Steps to Upload the Tradebook to AlgoTest

  1. Go to the AlgoTest website using this link AlgoTest.

  2. If you are an old user, log in by clicking on the Login button on the top-right corner.


You don't need an AlgoTest account to use the Trade MTM analyser.

If you are a new user, sign up by clicking here or on the Signup button on the top-right corner.

  1. Once you are on the Algotest dashboard, click on your profile button on the top-right corner, as shown.

  1. From the drop-down list, click on the 'Trade MTM Analysis' button. This will open up the Daily Trades Analysis page.

  1. On the Trade MTM Analysis page, click on the 'Upload Tradebook Now' button. Make sure to follow the instructions written above on where to download the Tradebook from for your particular broker. 

  1. On the Popup, choose your broker from the highlighted drop-down list. 

We currently support only four brokers - Zerodha, Finvasia, IIFL, and Kotak Neo.

  1. Click on Browse files and select your downloaded .csv file. Note that the file selected should be of the same broker that you chose in the 6th step. Once you have uploaded the file, click on 'Analyse' button to see a comprehensive analysis of your trades.

Things to keep in mind

Once you have downloaded the trade book, you can open the file (in your app of choice like Excel, Google Sheets, etc.) to check it out. However, DO NOT SAVE THIS FILE after opening, as saving the file changes the date-time format of the orders. 

The default date-time format of your computer system will be used in your orders, which may raise errors.


Under the current system limitations, we want the orders to be in their original format. Hence, after downloading and opening the trade book csv file, do not save it, to avoid any errors.