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Nuvama Wealth

Nuvama Wealth Broker Information

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If you do not have a Nuvama Wealth account, you can open one here with the following benefits:

  • BROKERAGE: ₹10/order
  • No API Fees
  • Can Buy Deep ITM and Far OTM Options in NRML
  • Exchange charges as per actual discounted rate of NSE (Rs 3500/Cr approx)
  • Can pledge securities online for Margin

Nuvama Wealth Web Trading Terminal!

Nuvama Brokerage & Charges

Nuvama Customer Support


Nuvama API Charges


What You’ll Need To Connect

AlgoTest Account

You need to have an AlgoTest account. If you don’t have an AlgoTest account, you can create it by clicking on this link.

Nuvama Wealth Account

You need to have an active Demat account in Nuvama Wealth. If you don’t have an account, open a demat account in Nuvama. Make sure to activate F&O on your account.

Connecting Nuvama with AlgoTest

  • Go to Login your account. Click on the profile icon at the top right and select Broker Setup.


  • Click on the setup icon located on the right side of the Nuvama Wealth.


  • Enter your Nuvama Client ID and click on Add Nuvama Wealth. You can locate your Client ID in Nuvama account in profile section.


  • We have successfully added Nuvama Wealth to our AlgoTest Account. Now we just have to login to the Nuvama Wealth account in AlgoTest. To log in, click on the Login button. After clicking the button, you will be taken to the Nuvama Wealth broker login page where you can enter your login credentials.

    Note :- Broker Login timing is 08:30 AM to 3:28 PM


  • Once you are logged in, the system will display a status message confirming your login status, as shown in the image below.