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Finvasia (Shoonya)

Finvasia Broker Information

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What You’ll Need To Connect

AlgoTest Account

You need to have an AlgoTest account. If you don’t have an AlgoTest account, you can create it by clicking on this link.

Finvasia Demat Account

You need to have an active Demat account in Finvasia. If you don’t have an account, Open a demat account in Finvasia . Make sure to activate F&O on your account.

TOTP Setup on Finvasia Account

It is mandatory to set up a TOTP on Finvasia Account. To learn how to do TOTP Setup Click Here.

Connecting Finvasia with AlgoTest

  • Go to Login your account. Click on the profile icon at the top right and select Broker Setup.


  • Click on the setup icon located on the right side of the Mastertrust


  • Enter your Finvasia Client ID and click on Add Finvasia.


  • We have successfully added Finvasia as broker to our AlgoTest Account. Now we just have to login to the Finvasia account in AlgoTest. To log in, click on the Login button. Enter Finvasia account password and TOTP and login.

    Note :- Broker Login timing is 08:30 AM to 3:28 PM


  • Enter your Finvasia account password and TOTP and click on the Login button.


  • Once you are logged in, the system will display a status message confirming your login status, as shown in the image below.