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Strategy Builder Playground

The "Playground" is a simulated trading environment offered by AlgoTest.
It allows you to experiment with options strategies and test their performance in a risk-free setting before deploying real capital.

How to Use Playground

To use Playground in the AlgoTest Strategy Builder, follow these steps :

  • Go to AlgoTest Log in to your account and click on the Strategy Builder button as shown in the image below.

  • Select the underlying and expiration date of the contract you want to trade as shown in the image below.

  • Imagine we want to execute a straddle, so we will sell an ATM Call and ATM Put option as shown in the image below.

  • Click on the View in Playground button as shown in the image below.

  • Now you will be able to view your straddle position running in a real-time environment. You will be able to manage and analyze your position here.

  • You will be able to change the price, lot size, strike, expiry, and position directly from the position tab with a single click, as shown in the image below. This feature will quickly modify your positions based on your input. You can use this to analyze your manual position. For instance, if you took a manual position with the broker in the morning, you simply need to enter the prices and strike here, and it will generate a strategy analysis based on that.

  • You can also toggle and untoggle the position by clicking on the button as shown in the image below. This will temporarily remove the position from the strategy. You can add it back by using the toggle button.

Here's a breakdown of the purpose and benefits of the Playground:

Purpose and Benefits of the Playground

  • Risk-Free Experimentation: The Playground allows you to test different options strategies, including complex multi-leg ones, without risking real capital. This provides a safe space to refine your approach and gain confidence before venturing into live markets.

  • Market Simulation: Using AlgoTest Strategy Builder Playground you can fine-tune your strategy under real market conditions. You can change the prices of your position to fine-tune your strategy as per the market conditions.

  • Developing a Trading Plan: You can utilize the Playground to develop and refine your trading plan. This plan should outline your entry and exit strategies, risk management parameters, and overall trading discipline.

  • Experimenting with Different Strategies: The Playground is an excellent platform to explore various options strategies you might have learned about but haven't had the opportunity to test. This experimentation can broaden your trading knowledge and potentially uncover new approaches that align with your risk tolerance and market outlook.

By effectively utilizing the Playground features, you can significantly enhance your options trading skills and decision-making processes.

Features and Functionalities

Some important features and functionalities of AlgoTest Strategy Builder Playground are as below:

  • Virtual Capital: The Playground typically allocates you a virtual starting capital to use for your simulated trades.

  • Parameter Adjustments: You can adjust the parameters such as price, strike, expiry, and option type in just a single click in real market conditions to fine-tune your strategy as per your needs.

  • Instant Execution: The Playground enables you to instantly simulate your strategy positions based on the given input and provides a seamless, real-time execution experience without delays..

  • Live Market Analysis: AgloTest Strategy Builder allows you to analyze your playground positions in the live market using various insights various tools like payoff graphs, greeks, strategy analytics, etc.

By leveraging these features, you can gain valuable insights into the potential performance of your options strategies under various market conditions, all within a risk-free environment.