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Multi-Broker Connection

Connection with Multiple Brokers

AlgoTest Strategy Builder offers the ability to connect with multiple brokers. This functionality can be highly advantageous for options traders.

You can login multiple brokers on the broker setup page in AlgoTest as shown in the image below.

To know how to login your broker in AlgoTest :click here.

Advantages of Multi-broker Connectivity

  • Order Execution Flexibility: With multiple brokers connected, you can potentially execute your options strategy directly from the builder's interface in any broker, streamlining the trading process.

  • Account Management: Strategy builders allow you to view your positions across different brokerage accounts, providing a consolidated view of your options portfolio.

  • Click Management: Traders can manage different positions on different brokers with a single click.

Reducing Operational Risk

Connecting multiple brokers can also help mitigate operational risks. If one broker experiences technical difficulties or has limited option offerings, you can still execute your strategy through another connected broker.

Carefully evaluate the pros and cons before deciding if this feature aligns with your trading needs.