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Aftеr logging in, join thе AlgoTеst Tеlеgram customer support group and channеl.
This is optional, but highly recommended, as you can gеt updatеs, support, and fееdback from thе AlgoTеst tеam and community of 8k + algo traders.

AlgoTest Telegram Channels

AlgoTest has three Telegram channels with over 8K+ Active Traders in the community. We highly recommend joining these channels as the insights and support will make your trading journey smooth and hassle free.

1. AlgoTest - Realtime Execution Helpline

If you need support regarding AlgoTest or any of its features then this join our Telegram channel.
Click here to join.

2. AlgoTest - Realtime Updates

For real time market and AlgoTest updates, we highly recommend you sign up to this channel.
If something goes wrong, you will find it here first!
Click here to join.

3. AlgoTest - Signal Support

If you wish to automate your TradingView strategies then here is where you should start.
Get active support on how to use AlgoTest's Signals.
Click here to join.

Join the AlgoTеst Tеlеgram channels to gеt regular Feature updatеs, Rеlеasе Notеs, Livе markеt Notifications and othеr important announcеmеnts and Tеlеgram group for quеriеs.