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Buy a plan

AlgoTest has a wallet system for purchases. First you need to buy AlgoTest credits and then you can use the credits to purchase different plans like Backtest, Forward Test and Live Execution etc.

For example, if you wanted to deploy a strategy live on AlgoTest:
I Step
Purchase credits on AlgoTest.
II Step
Then use the credits to buy a live execution plan.

Understand AlgoTest Pricing

  1. Detailed breakdown of Pricing on AlgoTest
  2. Basic overview of Pricing on AlgoTest

You can game the AlgoTest pricing system if you understand it well!
Read the fineprint about how our Pro-rata system works to learn more!

:For any queries reach out to us!

To purchase credits click on the pricing button on top right corner in AlgoTest. Or click here.

AlgoTest pricing

AlgoTest Offers FOUR Credit Plans

AlgoTest Credits and Pricing


Starter Plan

Cost : ₹299
Credits : 300
Cost per credit : ₹0.99
Thе Startеr plan costs ₹299 and givеs you accеss to 300 crеdits.

Explorer Plan

Cost : ₹749
Credits : 800
Cost per credit : ₹0.93
Thе Explorеr plan costs ₹749 and givеs you accеss to 800 crеdits.

Pro Plan

Cost : ₹1999
Credits : 2500
Cost per credit : ₹0.79
Thе Pro plan costs ₹1999 and givеs you accеss to 2500 crеdits.

Advanced Plan

Cost : ₹4999
Credits : 7500
Cost per credit : ₹0.66
Thе Prеmiеr plan costs ₹4999 and givеs you accеss to 7500 crеdits.

Click on the Buy Plan button to purchase the plan of your choice and choose a payment method. Then click on pay now.

Your AlgoTest Credits never expire.

You can use them anytime in your lifetime. You can check them in the profile page by clicking on the profile button. You can also check your credit transaction history and payment history there.

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Credits will begin reflecting in your account after a successful purchase.

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Now you have credits in your account. You can use them to get the backtesting, forward testing, live execution, or signal bridge plan. To purchase any plan just go to your profile then click on buy backtest or buy plans.

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After buying a plan your credits will be debited from your account. The given plan will be activated on your account.
If there are any remaining credits, you can use them anytime in the future for buying a plan.

You can also check your purchase history (both payments made and credits spent) at any time through the Payment History and Credit Transactions links on the Profile Page.

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In case you have any questions regarding pricing, please reach out to us on our Telegram Helpline.