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No Re-Entry After

No Re-entry After

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This feature enables you to stop any re-entry if the SL/Target is hit after a time specified by you.
This setting can be only applied on Re-Entry. It will not effect normal entry. You can find this feature under the Entry Settings.

No Re-entry Settings

You can enable this feature as shown in the image below :

No Re-entry Settings

Example :- Let's assume you created a strategy with these parameters :
Underlying :- Nifty
Entry :- 09:20
Strike :- ATM CE
Positon :- Buy
SL :- 30 Points
Re-Entry-Cost = 1(It means it will take max 1 entry on SL hit, you can enter max 20)

We then set the No re-entry after setting as :
No re-entry after = 01:00
It means this strategy will not take any re entry if SL/Target is hit after 01:00. However, the strategy can re-enter if the SL/Target was hit before 01:00. What this means is that the re-entry conditions were formed before 01:00.
Therefore it can take re entry even if re entry condition is met after the specified time.

No Re-entry Settings

Case 1 - SL/Target is hit before “No Re Entry After” time

Imagine ATM CE Buy took entry at 09:20 at 150 and at 12:20 our SL i.e. 180 hits.
Now according to our Re-Entry Cost it has to take re-entry if same strike price reach 150.
So assume our re entry condition i.e it has to re enter if price comes back to 150, met at 01:20. It will take the re-entry because here as our SL was hit at 12:20 that means re entry condition formed at 12:20 which is before our “No Re Entry After” time.

Case 2 - SL/Target is hit after “No Re Entry After” time

Imagine ATM CE Buy took entry at 09:20 at 150 and at 01:20 our SL i.e. 180 hits.
Now as our SL is hit and our re entry condition formed at 01:20 i.e. after “No Re Entry After”, so it will not take any re-entry.