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Entry by Exact Strike

How cool would it be if you could make a predefined trade with just one click using an algorithm? You'll be excited to hear that AlgoTest has introduced a new feature called "Entry By Exact Strike." This feature empowers you to choose a specific strike price when setting up a trading strategy.

Let's say you want your system to automatically execute the Nifty 23450 PE for the current week's expiry -- you can simply input this into the system. Then, once your entry conditions align with your strategy, it will smoothly execute the Nifty 23450 PE trade. 

How to Use "Entry by Exact Strike"

To use this feature, follow the simple steps shown below.

  • Visit AlgoTest and log in to your account. The dashboard will be displayed as shown in the image below.

  • Now we need to create a strategy within the 920 simple section. Click on the "create strategy" button under the 920 simple section as shown in the image below.

  • Now, in the Leg Builder, you can choose the "Exact Strike" option from the dropdown menu under the strike criteria, as illustrated in the image below.

  • Now enter the strike price that you want to set. For example, if you want to select BankNifty Current Weekly 49900 CE Strike, you can set the input as shown below.

You're all set to add this leg by simply clicking on the Add Leg button. After that, you can save the strategy and begin trading!