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Execution Settings

Execution Settings give AlgoTest users more control by allowing them to customise their order executions as per their wishes. Think of it as more power in your hands!

NRML and MIS orders in Options Trading

AlgoTest allows you to setup your Execution Settings for live trading the way you want. One of the settings you can set is whether you want to trade on MIS or NRML.

Strategy Execution Time

This AlgoTest feature allows you to advance your entry by up to 59 Secs BEFORE your actual Strategy Entry Time. For example, if your Strategy entry time is 919:01 AM.

Target(Tgt)/StopLoss(SL) Ref Price

This feature on AlgoTest allows you to set your Stop-Loss/Target based on the trigger price or traded price. Trigger price is the price at which your buy or sell order becomes active for execution. The traded price is the price at which your order is executed.